My short story, THE TOW JOB,  is included in Best Women’s Erotica 2013, available now.

Available now through Amazon in print or digital format. Click on the image for link.

From Cleis’s website: Violet Blue is on a mission. With the aim to entertain you with the sexiest, smartest women’s erotica anywhere, she will trigger your erotic imagination. From the sweetly romantic to the bold and daring, each of the eighteen stories in Best Women’s Erotica 2013 provides the spark to your flame.

The shy, redheaded heroine of Valerie Alexander’s “Night School” explores her very kinky desires with an unlikely submissive while working at a small-town hotel. In Krissy Kneen’s “Susanna,” a virgin enjoys her first taste of lust and learns that the true language of love has very little to do with words. A burly mechanic rescues the Assistant D.A. and her broken-down car but makes her earn the favor in Jenny Lyn’s “The Tow Job.”

Best Women’s Erotica 2013 is a playbook of delectably sexy scenarios to add to your sensual repertoire. Award-winning editor Violet Blue presents “explicit sex at the dizzying heights of exquisite fantasy with the lights on, and you, the reader, get to see everything.”

With contributed stories by Eliani Torres, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Jenny Lyn, Mimi Kessel, Charlotte Stein, Serafine Laveaux, Mary Borsellino, Elizabeth Coldwell, Rosalia Zizzo, Krissy Kneen, Lucy Felthouse, Anika Ray, Janine Ashbless, Alison Tyler, Alyssa Turner, Anna Meadows, Valerie Alexander, and Giselle Renarde.

“Every story has one thing in common—as Violet Blue herself says, ‘a woman is at the center of every pleasure.’ The desires range from deliciously vanilla to spiced with kink. Best Women’s Erotica will expand your palate…and your mind.” —Erotica Readers & Writers Association

A tiny blurb for The Tow Job: A broken promise leads Jane to a lesson from Sam she won’t soon forget.

And how about a brief excerpt?

I watched out of the corner of my eye as he shoved the gearshift into Park, unbuckled his seat belt, and dropped his hands to his thick thighs. When he sighed, I looked over, waiting for him to say something.

He stared through the front windshield. “You broke your promise, Jane.”


Another stern look shut me up. “I don’t want to hear an excuse. You promised me the last time this happened that you’d look for something else to drive. Doesn’t have to be new, even though you can certainly afford it, just reliable. Am I wrong?”


“And what did I say would happen if you broke your promise?”

I closed my eyes, remembering what had been happening to me when I made him that promise. He’d tied me to the bed face down, my arms stretched above my head, while he’d fucked me roughly from behind. I’d carried bruises on my hips from his fingertips for the past week. Not that I was complaining. Every time I looked in the mirror, I reveled in those marks, his marks, beneath my skin, the memory of that night turning me on all over again. Every single time.

I swallowed hard. “You said there’d be consequences.”

“Take off your panties.”


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